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In the busy summer months we use up to 4 additional classrooms no more than 10 minutes walking distance from the school.We are located in the heart of the city, in the historic St.

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We also provide a daily drop-in session with a teacher for study tips and our Job Club.As well as this, The Den is a place where students can simply eat lunch, drink a coffee from our school coffee shop, or chat with their friends (face-to-face or on social media) in a bright and welcoming atmosphere!All of our 17 spacious classrooms benefit from natural light and are equipped with projectors making it possible to wirelessly stream content from the classroom i Pads, laptops or even mobile phones on to the whiteboards, which make lessons even more effective and fun.Julie, France This is my first international trip and since I arrived here, I've been discovering a lot of things about British people, culture, habits, urban myths that make up the atmosphere in this really amazing city! Parks, pubs, libraries and a social life are waiting for you every day! Catharina, Sweden BSC Oxford is located in the very best part of the city, the historic St.Hilden, Brazil This year I am going on to study a Master's in international relations at Brookes University and I couldn't have done it without BSC. The best thing about the school is that having extremely friendly and attentive staff makes students like to learn everything. Giles district, less than 100 metres from the world famous Ashmolean Museum and next to part of Oxford University.Acquaints the student with contemporary studies of the nature of language in general and of the English language in particular. Provides students with a foundation in traditional grammar and usage. Historical and structural analysis of English language in stages of its development.

Political and social events affecting development of language: interrelationship of language and literature, evolution of modern English phonology, syntax, orthography, and lexicon. An introduction to the English language: its nature, structure, and development.The staff are really dynamic, qualified and pleasant and I met a lot of students from different countries and cultures.I hope I'll keep in touch with them and I wish to be able to come again to British Study Centres next year. Oxford has amazing parks for picnics and to have fun with your friends and of course night life in Oxford is unbelievable!Oxford is located in the heart of England and has excellent road and rail links to London (50 minutes) and the rest of the United Kingdom.The city sits on the banks of the river Thames and boasts a variety of world-famous museums, galleries and libraries.The Den, our student lounge, is fully integrated with technology.